A 6-step Design Thinking approach to support the transformation of our clients. At Temeritati we are convinced that Design is a powerful tool for successfully transforming and innovating!

Understand user needs

The analysis and the good understanding of the user need is the basis of a design approach. The design of a service or a product begins with knowledge, exchange, empathy and listening. This approach and these values ​​are an integral part of the DNA of all the consultants in our firm.

Define the problem

Question users to best meet their needs. The object of this questioning: to put into perspective the deep uses of a product or a service in order to design it or make it evolve. We use the tools to refine the problematic of our customers. #mindmapping #interviews

Generate leads

It is a question here of producing and proposing a maximum of ideas and tracks in order to answer the problem. These are presented to users to be studied, modified and finally validated. One of our differentiating factors lies in our ability to support our customers to think differently, to innovate and thus generate more satisfaction. # 6hats #figma #miro

Create the prototype

A prototype is a “staging” of the solution to assess the chosen track. For this assessment to be relevant, the prototype must be as functional as possible, as close to the final product as possible.
We are field consultants who, in the evening of the impossible, prefer solutions
that are working ! It is through experimentation that we propose to validate the solutions envisaged with our customers. #figma

Test the prototype

It is then necessary to compare the prototype with the users. Does it meet the needs? What works? What needs to be improved? Are users making it their own? For this to be beneficial to all, each stakeholder must be able to participate freely. One of our guiding principles is to co-construct our solutions with our customers to guarantee their relevance and facilitate their use. #feedback

Iterate the process

Once the solution is developed and delivered, it is imperative to continue to improve it. To avoid obsolescence
it is necessary to keep the design process alive so that the solution evolves with the need; thus remaining relevant. Our agility, our 360 vision as well as our market knowledge allow us
to be a force of proposal to pivot the solutions and organizations of our customers.

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