Challenges for the world of today and tomorrow Market Intelligence has, over the past ten years, become an essential component in monitoring and improving the customer journey in many sectors.

Concerning the banking sector, Market Intelligence consists of collecting, analyzing and interpreting a mass of confidential data: salaries, withdrawals, savings, withdrawals, etc. from customers' Know Your Customer (KYC).

Pierre-Jean Sadio, Senior Expert consultant in BI and Data Architecture at Temeritati Consulting, shares in this article his feedback from the “counterparty risk” department of a bank.

“This mission consisted of scoring the counterparties (bank customers: made up only of legal persons):

From a large volume of data (more than 14 million lines) representing all the detailed budgetary accounts, tax items, socio-economic data of all customers, an aggregation was carried out on these data budget in order to identify the necessary components for the scoring. This allows the degrees of risk of the clients to be staggered.

This work allowed:

  • support and implementation of a predictive model
  • the automation of a response to the loan request
  • the effective use of Artificial Intelligence in the banking sector

It all starts with the implementation of Machine Learning technology. The latter aims to provide computer systems with means comparable to certain human behaviors such as the capacity for reasoning, self-learning and self-improvement, without pre-programming.

From this technology emerges an Artificial Intelligence (AI) allowing the collection, processing and precise selection of customer data. "

The integration of AI in the banking sector has given rise to new tools and processes grouped together under what is now called Business Intelligence (BI).

In fact, BI reshapes this multitude of data in various forms, such as dashboards, diagrams or other graphical representations, making it possible to inform major strategic decisions.

From the human analysis of BI (combined with AI) emerged Market Intelligence.

Market Intelligence, a combination of data science and human analysis, is emerging as a possible solution to anticipate future evolutions and changes by developing customer-centric operational models to ensure business continuity in contexts such as that of the current health crisis.

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